Materiality, Specificity, and Story

This is a series of events that are cross-disciplinary and trans-continental. It comprises a workshop at Lancaster University in March 2009, and three video conferences between May-October 2009. Across these a conversation will continue concerning ‘Materiality, Specificity and Story’ – a conversation that will weave through all the events, and through postings on this blog.

The conversation concerns how Science & Technology Studies (STS) attends to empirical ‘details’ in its studies – the specificity of evidence and materials – considering their performative effects and ontological enactments. For more information on what we mean by ‘Materiality, Specificity and Story’ please read our Call for Participation in Workshop, and Call for Participation in Video Conference Series.

We welcome your participation in this conversation via the workshop, the video conferences, or here as comments on the blog.


The current events are variously organised between Centre for Science Studies at Lancaster University and the Actor-Network Theory Group at University of Melbourne. The organising committee comprises:

Lyn Campbell, Endre Dányi, Natalie Gill, John Law, Michaela Spencer, Jennifer Tomomitsu-Tomasson, Laura Watts.

STS Mixtures

‘Science & Technology Studies Mixtures’ are a series of events for those engaged in the academic field of study known as Science Studies. STS Mixtures has been running a mixture of lunchtime seminars, informal workshops, and reading groups since 2006. It is co-ordinated at Centre for Science Studies, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University.

In 2007, the Actor-Network Theory Group at University of Melbourne joined with STS Mixtures for a series of video conference seminars featuring presentations by, and discussions with John Law, Dianne Mulcahy, Robin Usher, Helen Verran.

Ongoing STS Mixtures events continue to bring together science studies scholars from around the world – particularly new researchers who may not have the opportunity to travel widely – through video conference and online conversation.


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