Join webstream to watch presentation by Lucy Suchman

We invite you to join us live on the STS Mixtures web stream for Lucy Suchman’s presentation on ‘Robot Biographies’. You will be able to watch this trans-continental video conference live from 20:00 UTC on 7 October (equivalent to 16:00 in Toronto, 21:00 in London, 7:00 on 8 October in Melbourne, 9:00 on 8 October in Auckland, 5:30 on 8 October in Darwin). Check the time zone converter for your local time.

The web stream will be available at

Instructions for accessing this webstream, including troubleshooting, can be downloaded here (link fixed). Please note that the webstream will only become active half an hour before the conference is due to start.

There is opportunity for those on the web stream to ask questions for Lucy Suchman live via Twitter (@stsmixtures), or via an email to Laura Watts.

The agenda and running order for the event can be downloaded here.

Additional: Lucy Suchman’s powerpoint slides can now be downloaded here.


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