Future Events

The ‘STS Mixtures’ video conference series happened in 2009. You can watch the presentations again via the ‘Watch Again’ page. We are also considering future events. If you would like to keep up to date with our plans please subscribe via our twitter feed @stsmixtures.

Watch Lucy Suchman seminar again

The video recording of the trans-continental video conference seminar with Lucy Suchman on ‘Robot Biographies’ is now available to stream online. Watch the video via the link on the Watch Again page.

Join webstream to watch presentation by Lucy Suchman

We invite you to join us live on the STS Mixtures web stream for Lucy Suchman’s presentation on ‘Robot Biographies’. You will be able to watch this trans-continental video conference live from 20:00 UTC on 7 October (equivalent to 16:00 in Toronto, 21:00 in London, 7:00 on 8 October in Melbourne, 9:00 on 8 October in Auckland, 5:30 on 8 October in Darwin). Check the time zone converter for your local time.

The web stream will be available at http://www.jvcs.ja.net/s/893kowcw

Instructions for accessing this webstream, including troubleshooting, can be downloaded here (link fixed). Please note that the webstream will only become active half an hour before the conference is due to start.

There is opportunity for those on the web stream to ask questions for Lucy Suchman live via Twitter (@stsmixtures), or via an email to Laura Watts.

The agenda and running order for the event can be downloaded here.

Additional: Lucy Suchman’s powerpoint slides can now be downloaded here.

Participate in video conference with Lucy Suchman

The last in this series of trans-continental video conferences will be with Lucy Suchman, Professor at Centre for Science Studies, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University.

She will be speaking on Robot Biographies from York University, Toronto.

The event is scheduled for 20:00 UTC on 7th October 2009 (16:00 in Toronto; 21:00 in London; 7:00 in Melbourne on 8th October)

To participate in the video conference, either interactively as part of the video conference or watching live via the web, please contact either Laura Watts (in the northern hemisphere) or Lyn Campbell (in the southern hemisphere) by Sunday 20th September, so that we can test your connection.

Watch Susan Leigh Star presentation

The video recording from the trans-continental seminar with Susan Leigh Star on ‘Silence and Invisible Work’ is now available. To view the video please go to the Watch Again page…

Web video stream

If you are joining us via the web stream on 29th July then you can now download the instructions here (please note this is different from last time).

The web stream will be active from 10:30 UTC (11:30 London; 20:00 Darwin). The video conference with Susan Leigh Star will begin at 11:00 UTC (12:00 London; 21:00 Melbourne; 7:00 Toronto;  20:30 Darwin). We will be monitoring our Twitter account during the event, so if you have any problems with the web or want to ask a question please direct a message to @stsmixtures.

Book your place on the video conference with Susan Leigh Star

Book your place on the trans-continental video conference seminar on 29 July 2009 with Susan Leigh Star, who will be speaking on ‘Silence and Invisible Work‘. There are 2 ways to participate:

1. Join us on the live video conference for high-definition images and sound, and participate in the discussion.

2. Watch live on the web, with the opportunity to relay questions via Twitter.

1. To join the video conference…

We need the following information on your video conference equipment by Friday 17 July, so that we can set things up and run a series of technical tests. Please send your answers to the following 10 questions to your local co-ordinator (Laura Watts in the northern hemisphere or Lyn Campbell in the southern hemisphere).

[1] Your name and email address
[2] Institution
[3] Address
[4] Name and email of your technical support who will be available to help
[5] Telephone number to call on the day if there is a problem e.g. the room you are using, mobile phone etc.
[6] Time zone in terms of +/- UTC
[7] IP address of your equipment (this is the most important piece of information)
[8] Connection speed (384 kbps minimum)
[9] Confirmation that you can use H.323 connection protocol
[10] Make and model of your video conference system

2. To join the web stream…

No need to book this, but please send us a message to say you are planning to be there (name + institution) and we will introduce you on the day. The web address and login information will be sent out via the mailing list a few hours before the event starts. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter – we will then follow you so that we can hear your questions (hashtag ‘stsmixtures’).